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Subliminar films is the brain child of Adriaan Hogervorst - de Jong. With a diverse background as creative entrepreneur, independent artist and marketing manager, he started making film with quite a unique outlook on things. Though Adriaan likes to learn, watch and read all there is to find about film, he often ends up working in unexpected ways that are sometimes off beat, but always innovative. It's hardly surprising that Adriaan quickly developed a style that's all his own.

About Adriaan

Adriaan was introduced to filmmaking through corporate video. It didn't take long, however, before he started writing and directing his own work. Through his experience in both fields, he honed his skills as a quick and strong minded editor. Soon he got involved in other projects, gaining more experience and further developing his film skills.

It was in 2017 in Portugal when Adriaan decided to finally make a film about a story that had been stuck in his head for years. Now finally it is here as the short film Life is Long. With this project finished, he just started working on another independent film project, while still taking on commissioned work in the mean time. 

Subliminar films freelance video editor


With Subliminar films, Adriaan makes independent film and commissioned work. He is available as freelance editor for commercial and independent projects. Adriaan also consults businesses to develop an effective video marketing strategy.