Life is Long update #4

A couple of weeks have passed and a lot has happened. Post production is a fun state to be in. We're switching back and forth between standing knee deep in the story telling action and then getting some distance from it all. Maintaining a healthy balance is key, and luckily we've had some help to get our minds off of things when needed. 

  Why did we bother with the camera anyway? - Picture by Harold van de Kamp / Kade104.

Why did we bother with the camera anyway? - Picture by Harold van de Kamp / Kade104.

One welcome distraction was this past weekend's Leiden International Short Film Experience. Fun fact: our costume supervisor Yara was one of the curators for the festival. We saw a particularly beautiful film called Fast Alles by Lisa Gertsch. If you have the chance to catch it somewhere, I don't think you'll regret it.

Something else that has kept our ideas fresh are a couple of interesting freelance jobs. Working on the post production of other projects is a good way to keep track of the bigger picture.

In terms of our progress, we had a meeting with our colorist last week, which was very exciting. Going through the film together offered a glimpse of where we're headed and it's hard not to want more right there and then.

Another thing that will really give this film a shove towards the finish line is sound. I hope to write a bit more about that in a next update. In the mean time, we're really, really close to declaring picture lock (you are allowed to freak out and so are we).

As a final note about these past days, we were very much shocked by the incredibly tragic news of Scott Hutchinson's passing. He's someone who has been a great inspiration to me personally in the broadest sense. Specifically, his work shows how you don't need fancy words to say something meaningful. There are many different tiny ways how the Frightened Rabbit and Owl John records have left their mark on me and on Life is Long. Thanks Scott.

Keep yourself warm.

- Adriaan