Picture lock & other news


Life is Long has left the cutting room and is now headed to our sound department. Though this is pretty huge news, it kind of crept up on me. In the final stages of editing, the changes just got fewer and fewer and smaller and smaller until at some point you start to realize that you're watching the final cut. It just kind of happened. It also helped that we were on the right track really quickly. But OK, that's enough about Life is Long for this post, because we are quite busy with some other projects.

Read all about it below!

 Photo by Harold van de Kamp / Kade104.

Photo by Harold van de Kamp / Kade104.

We are also doing color correction for two documentaries which will both be premiering at the CampusDoc International Film Festival: Verslaafd aan God and Non Stop. The festival takes place at Louis Hartlooper Complex in Utrecht at June 16th & 17th. Directors Desi van Driel and Maxime Vernooij are in fact still running a crowd funding campaign for Non Stop. You can read about it here if you're interested.

First off, we edited a pretty cool pitch for Dirk Vis and Selby Gildemacher who have been selected for the Sandberg@Mediapark programme. They are pitching a new TV show right now. It's a really cool interactive idea that connects TV with life around you. So let's keep our fingers crossed for Dirk and Selby!