Life is Long update #6 - distribution & vacay

So let's try to do a recap of the last few weeks. A lot has happened.

 Current mood: just got awesome news and about to embark on vacay

Current mood: just got awesome news and about to embark on vacay

Life is Finished

We finished Life is Long on the last day of June and then July 1st we fell nose first into the rather large, very uncertain world of getting this film out there. Wherever there might be.

Getting it out there

Getting the film out there means sending it to festivals and all kinds of online outlets, but also thinking long and hard about which people I want to reach and how I want to reach them.

Offline <3 Online <3 Offline

In the recent years, a lot has changed in the distribution of indie films. I could write entire essays about that and about how I determine my release strategies, and I will if you'd ask me too, but I'll be brief right now: online and offline distribution channels are no longer in each other's way, but rather helping each other flourish.


As far as offline distribution is concerned, I'm still awaiting festival submissions. Theoretically, you could spend years sending your film in to festivals. Among my submissions are festivals where I'm certain our short film would be a perfect fit and then there are some where you just decide to take the leap and see what happens. Across the board, chances of getting in are slim, but I don't worry about that. Life is Long, right?

Online: big news!

Besides, we just got amazing news regarding our online premiere. I can't really say anything just yet as we're still figuring out the scheduling of things, but stay in touch because we are thrilled and can't wait to tell you more. I also like the idea of exploring non-traditional distribution channels online. If any of you have a favourite travel website or coming home is hard blog, or a magazine that's all about the middle ground between theatre and film, I'd love to hear your two cents.


So this whole distribution thing involves a lot of brain racking. I'm obviously very emotionally involved but at the same time trying to be objective and matter of factly about it all, taking a bit of distance. It's a weird state to be in and I was all the more thrilled when we heard the news about our online premiere. Really makes it all worth it.

For now though, it's time for a much needed vacation. Time to leave the country and relive our film all over again.

Thanks everyone for checking in. I hope you summer well.