Life is Finished

Sometimes the things you can't believe are easiest to say, but this time that's not the case. Still, here it is: 

Life is Long is finished.

Life is Long

Years ago something sparked in my imagination. One year ago (almost to the day) I decided to go out and make a film about it. After months of working out the scenario, I started pre production in January. From that moment on, things started to go a lot faster as I gathered a brilliant team around me. The first crew member to join me was Bas Zemering. He acted not only as our 1st AD, but he also did the casting with me. I remember how awesome it felt when I rode my bike back home at night and I was no longer doing this alone. Soon after, Floris van Bodegraven hopped on board to make sure production would be nothing but smooth sailing. And surprisingly, it was just about as smooth as it gets.

Then, together with our lead actress (who is also my stunning wife) Marije de Jong, we started the auditions and rehearsals. I remember how Mo walked in the room during his first audition and how we all knew that he was the one. A lot of fun auditions followed for the supporting cast.

 It was during rehearsals that I started to feel how my idea was transforming into the embodiment of many different personalities.

One of the things I will not forget soon is how I learned more than ever to trust my instincts. I had a very clear artistic vision for this story from the very start and it became clear that things started to crumble whenever I lost sight of it. I am very grateful to have worked with a crew that nudged me in the right direction when needed and that really got my intentions. In particular, Giuseppe Valenza and Joris van Gulik come to mind. Thank you.

 Post production was a weird and wonderful time where at times I felt super calm while being completely out of control. We were lucky enough to have Jan Maarten de Wit grade our film (I suspect he might be a sorcerer in his leisure time). Denisa Uherova and Reinder van der Put took care of the sound mix, after which Reinder and I took on sound design. Sound design is a whole other mind boggling story, but for now I can just say we had a lot of fun and I'm really happy how it turned out. It was great to be able to rely on other people's expertise and knowhow.

 So for those who are wondering what the next steps are after finishing the film, I am setting up a little newsletter to share news when it comes. There are different routes possible for the film, and we're still figuring out what's the best one.

Thanks for sticking with us. We hope to be able to share more along the lines of images (a trailer?) soon.

All the best,