Life is Long interview: Yara Yuri Safadi

Left: Yara Yuri Safadi. Picture by Sophie van Bergen.

Left: Yara Yuri Safadi. Picture by Sophie van Bergen.

As we're in the post production phase for Life is Long, we will keep updating you on the process  with journal entries and interviews. Up today is an interview with our costume supervisor Yara.

Can you start by introducing yourself?

My name is Yara Yuri Safadi. I come from Lebanon and I moved to the Netherlands less than a year ago. I am the costume supervisor for this short film.

I'm crazy about all sorts of art, especially film. I wish I can travel the whole globe, and finish in outer space. Costumes in film bring out the funkiness in me. I also rely a lot on my sense of observation and analysis, to see how people act everyday, how they dress everyday, what elements they like to keep closer to them. I believe that identities are recreated in society. Stereotypes might sometimes be true, but I would hate to reduce a character in any film I work on to a simple stereotype. Because humans are so special, they continue to amaze me everyday, sometimes in a bad way, but sometimes in a really good way.

Can you share some thoughts about the theme of the story?

I think that the story and theme of the film can be easily understood by a big number of people, especially young people who feel like they don't fit into their entourage and community. It could be also a quest that happens when you are in the midst of your coming of age. You can be lost about who you are and what you want to become, and society could already have those answers for you and expect you to be up to the standard. Escaping, traveling, looking, exploring is definitely something that I did when I was younger. It helped shape who I am, or actually who I aspire to be.

Finally, how do you relate to the young woman we get to know in the film?

I completely relate to the character of the young woman played by Marije de Jong. I too have been alienated from my community, because after you travel you come back changed. Your point of view on life, love, happiness all change, and sometimes that can make you not fit in.