Life is Long update #5

Maybe it's the heat, or maybe it's because most of the post production process is out of my hands, but these days I can't help but doze off and reflect on the whole experience that took Life is Long from the first idea to what it's becoming right now.

What I love the most is that we really ended up telling a different story on screen than I did with the script. I always hoped this would happen (here's proof) and my romantic heart is infinitely happy that it did.

It means that the production weekend was not merely the registration of an already finished idea. Instead, it was a significant part of the process and as such it added value in a way that's directly reflected in the final product. This film could only be made by this particular cast and crew. Everyone involved really left their mark on it.

That is the most amazing thing to me. Thank you all.

Photography by Harold van de Kamp / Kade104.

Photography by Harold van de Kamp / Kade104.