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Making the cut

Editing is all about making bold decisions and sticking to your gut. We'd love to work on your footage.

We offer a workflow within Adobe's Creative Cloud or within Davinci Resolve.

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Adriaan helped us out with a rather unconventional and last minute project. He worked fast and really understood what we were aiming for, even though it was nothing like anything he or us had ever done. We were really happy to have him on board and would definitely recommend his work.
— M. van Putten


We have edited corporate video, online content, fiction work, documentaries, found footage, music videos, experimental film, interviews and more. No matter the footage, we can always find the heartbeat of the project.


Long term collaboration 

Are you looking for a freelance editor who is available on a long term or repeated basis? That’s definitely possible. Whether it’s for a single project or separate ones, we’d love to hear from you.


Artistic style

By working on so many different projects, we've quickly developed a very distinct artistic style. We love it when we have a say in the cutting room about how a script is translated to image. We have bold ideas, but we can always motivate them. Style is useless without meaning.


Your vision 

Other times, all the artistic decisions have already been made. That's when you need an editor who can very accurately sculpt the image you and the client envisioned. We get a very strong kick out of doing just that. Give us a script or a shot list and we'll get it done. 

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