Life is Long


After a young woman returns home from travelling, she needs to figure out where she's headed now she's no longer going anywhere.


Life is Long is a Subliminar films production, written & directed by Adriaan Hogervorst - de Jong.


Online premiere

Life is Long will have its online premiere at Film Shortage. Release date and offline premiere to be announced. 

This short gets into quite an intriguing area. The unusual way of telling the story really creates a sense of curiosity.

Directing ★★★★ Acting ★★★★
Sound Design ★★★★
— Marco Lucà, Film Shortage

Press kit

You can download the electronic press kit for Life is Long here. Press kit by Subliminar films. On set photography courtesy of Harold van de Kamp / Kade104.



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What makes Life is Long different, is that we recorded the film as live theatre and used uncut takes for all the scenes, as well as a live soundtrack. What you see is as real as it could possibly get.

The aim of this film was to catch a collective sentiment, rather than a fixed sequence of preconceived narrative elements. It was never about technique or cinematic spectacle.
— Director's statement

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Short synopsis

Life is Long is a moving story that shows how the mind and the body don't travel at the same pace.

After finding many different home-like places on her travels, a young woman returns to her actual home with a very profound feeling of unheimischness. She’s not quite sure who she is in her old world, or where she will be going. After spending the day with an off beat uber driver and her old friends, she finally comes to find that it’s OK to not know.


Production photography

All production photography courtesy of Harold van de Kamp / Kade104.