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Are you looking for an editor with the right touch for your project? We provide editing service on a freelance basis and have been involved in all kinds of projects.

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Subliminar films commercial video

Commercials & corporate

Need an editor for your next commercial or corporate video? We have a wide experience in cutting corporate projects. So let's get in touch.

Wedding videos

Are you in need of an editor for a wedding video? We are reliable and work fast. With some director's notes and input from the client, we'll always make sure to deliver a beautiful document of a very special day.

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aftermovie editor

Events & after movies

We have edited many live events and after movies. We always make sure we understand the style and aesthetic of the event before we start cutting the footage, so you'll always have a video that fits perfectly with your client's brand. 

Social media & online content

Online content like a preroll, social media campaign or a website header needs a completely different edit and approach. With our experience as online marketing manager, we know exactly what your audience is looking for.

video editor social media
editor video interview

Testimonial & interviews

We have a wide experience in editing interviews and testimonials. Do you have talking heads that need cutting or do you need to process interviews for a documentary? Get in touch!

Music videos

We have cut many music videos in all kinds of different styles. With a history as a professional drummer, I guarantee your visuals will have the right pacing and rhythm to accompany the soundtrack.

music video editor
freelance editor

Other work

Are you developing a web series that needs a uniform pace and look, or are you making something that doesn't really fit a box? We are always curious to hear what you're working on. 


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